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The design project allows you to see the interior immediately before its design. Changes can be made to the project if the customer does not like this or that detail in the interior. This allows you to save a fair amount of money and bring the future interior to the desired bar. The technical side takes into account the current norms and rules in the design of walls / partitions, electrical wiring, air conditioning and other details. As you can see, interior design is a set of project documentation that objectively examines the future interior from different angles, and one cannot do without it. Now let's look at the steps for creating the right design project. The designer is working on general drawings, which will later be given to the builders so that they complete the task assigned to them in full accordance with the project: for example, the tiler needs to be given wall scans that show the placement of the tiles. The package of drawings may include floor plans with the placement of equipment / furniture, plans for partitions / floors / ceilings, sections, plumbing layouts, and so on.


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